‘OlliOlliWorld’ reveals new biome and 120fps on PlayStation 5

Smooth skating ahead

Roll7 has revealed new details for OlliOlliWorld, including a new biome called Burntrock and 120fps on PlayStation 5.

OlliOlliWorld is set to release in December of this year and will take players to the varied world of Radlandia. In a PlayStation Blog post, co-CEO Simon Bennett has revealed one of the five new locations and confirmed 120fps gameplay on PS5.

He said, “On PS5, you’ll be able to appreciate all the epic and super wacky level details in stunning 4K. And when you’re absolutely crushing a level, chaining trick after trick at the highest possible speed down the biggest possible hill? No stress, because you’ll be doing it at 120 FPS (4K and 120fps with compatible devices).”


The new biome will be called Burntrock and will feature many perilous hills for players to skate down. The land is a desert full of camping cactus folk and hosts the legendary Burntrock Fest. “The levels in Burntrock are designed to teach you new techniques, like grabs, whilst simultaneously providing you a chance to polish up the skills you’ve developed through the game so far. And that means… well, it means you’re going to slam!” Bennett said.

“But the work that the art and design teams have put into Burntrock, makes that its own kind of reward – when you slam, you get a moment to breathe and enjoy the desertscape around you and pick up on all the details that you miss if you just skate on by. So, keep your eyes peeled – there are rumours of aliens in the area, and you never know what you might see…”

A new feature coming with OlliOlliWorld is character customisation. As you progress through the game, beat levels and challenges, you will unlock clothing options and board parts. You can create a custom skater complete with deck, trucks, and wheels to match your style as you chase down high scores.

Elsewhere, Xbox Live is currently suffering from a massive outage.

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