One ‘Redfall’ farm is bigger than ‘Prey’’s entire map

“We definitely challenged the whole team with making something this big”

Developers at Arkane have spoken about the sheer scale of Redfall’s open-world, with one of its farms bigger than Prey’s entire map.

In a video shared at Quakecon 2022, art director Karen Segars said that the size of Redfall was a “hold my beer” moment. “I think the Talos in Prey was five football fields, so we definitely challenged the whole team with making something this big” with Redfall.

Arkane’s studio director Harvey Smith went on to say one developer  even “took Talos at scale and dropped it in the middle of the farm that’s [in Redfall’s second district area]. And the district just eats the whole space station, of course. It’s gigantic.”



Elsewhere in the 20-minute deep dive, Smith went on to say: “Redfall is our effort to take what Arkane does well, a hybrid of first-person games and RPGs, and stretch ourselves a little bit. Can we take all our narrative layers and our improvisational mechanics and our style and spread that out across an open world?”

The video also explores the vampires that feature in Redfall. In this universe, the blood-suckers were created when biotech company Aevum Laboratories came to the town of Redfall to research life extension. Long story short, they created vampires.

“We have a series of vampire gods, which are the most twisted, most changed by the whole process and those serve as chapter breakpoints across the game,” said Smith.

“The vampire gods have the most power,” added creative director Ricardo Bare. “They’re the ones trapping you on the island. They’ve pushed the waters back, they’re the ones who’ve blacked out the sun. They’re tremendously powerful.”


Redfall is slated to release next year for Xbox Series X|S and PC

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