Original ‘Goldeneye 007’ devs hit out at Switch and Xbox re-release

“Labour of loves are always better value than cash for mates”

Some of the original team behind Goldeneye 007 have hit out at the recent re-releases for Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The iconic shooter was finally made available last week on Nintendo Switch via its Nintendo 64 online library while Xbox players could access Goldeneye 007 via the Xbox Game Pass.

However, several members of the original team have taken to social media to criticise the launch.


“Sad to think Goldeneye for Switch and Xbox was outsourced to 2 different devs,” said composer Graeme Norgate, referring to the fact the Xbox version of the shooter was handled by Code Mystics while Nintendo did its own in-house.

“You could have got the old team back together for one more gig guys,” he continued. “We wouldn’t have let you down. Labour of loves are always better value than cash for mates.”

He went on to guarantee that “the appetite would have been there” for a full remaster.

Responding to a now-deleted tweet from Rare about the re-release, Goldeneye 007 dev David Doak asked “what about the team that actually made it?”

“Obviously marvellous to see GE007 re-released and I hope people have a lot of fun with it! But yeh, bit shabby all round that we weren’t invited,” he added.


“Can you imagine a similar scenario in any other creative media (books, music, film). Highly anticipated re-issue after a quarter of a century and the original creators aren’t involved,” he continued.

“I’ve had a number of messages asking me for more information about [Goldeneye 007]. I know nothing. To be clear, to the best of my knowledge, none of the original dev team were involved, or consulted or benefited in any way from the reissue,” he confirmed last year.

Following the release of Goldeneye 007, Code Mystics took to Twitter to say: “Just a general FYI for all those inquiring: we were the devs that worked on GoldenEye for Xbox, but we don’t make the plans. Unfortunately, there will be questions we can’t answer.”

In other news, XboxNintendo and Sony are all reportedly skipping E3 2023, the first in-person E3 event in four years.

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