‘Overcooked 2’ is currently free on the Epic Games Store

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Chaotic kitchen sim Overcooked 2 is currently free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time.

The Epic Games Store is offering the vibrant multiplayer game for free until June 24, at 4pm BST. Overcooked 2 transports the player to the Onion Kingdom to satiate the hunger of The Unbread with up to three other players.

The offer only includes the base game, with DLC still available to purchase, but will allow players to keep the game. Overcooked 2 joins Hell Is Other Demons as a completely free game on the Epic Store. The roguelite platform shooter will also be free until June 24 at 4pm BST.


Overcooked 2 has both online and couch co-op and usually sells for £19.99. After the deal runs out, Horizon Chase Tubo and Sonic Mania will become free for the same amount of time. Last week’s free game was Control.

The Epic Games Store will be giving games away for free every week, alongside their permanent offerings of free-to-play games including Fortnite, Rocket League, and Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Meanwhile, the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 confirmed the season’s theme of alien invasion. Fortnite players had reported strange sightings and alien abductions in recent weeks but the invasion formally began with the launch of Season 7.

Introducing a new playable character, the Kymera, which has 800,000 different looks, and a new battle pass system, Fortnite released a big update rundown on the Epic Games site. Players on PC also got a high-end graphics update with Season 7, bringing a whole host of improved visual features to the game.

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