‘Overwatch 2’ next event announced for June 16

Players may get their hands back on Overwatch 2 soon

Blizzard has announced an upcoming event on June 16 following the wrap-up of the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta.

Overwatch 2, the sequel to Overwatch (that isn’t quite a full sequel) recently had a PvP Beta where players got a first look at how the game’s mechanics differ from the original. The sequel offers a whole host of changes: matches have been reduced to 5v5, there is a new game mode called Push, and there is a new hero called Soujourn (as well as several reworks). While not quite a full sequel, there were plenty of changes for players to talk about, some of which were met with approval while some others met with criticism.

Following the end of the beta, Blizzard released a blog post where Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller thanked players:


“The Overwatch Team would like to take a moment to convey a heartfelt thank you to all the players that took part in our first beta. It was so exciting to see our community playing our game. The enthusiasm for this game and this universe means so much to us, it always has, and it always will.”

He followed this up by sharing how personal the Overwatch world is to the team and how it can be scary to open your work up to people’s valid criticisms. However, he affirmed that everything was a positive step in the process of making the best game they can:

“But the reason we do it is important–to make a better game, and it’s our players and our community that make it possible. Tests like this are a vital part of the process of improving Overwatch. We can’t wait to take everything we’ve learned from the beta and apply it to the game, and we’re so excited to get it back in front of you.”

At the end of the blog post, Blizzard announced that more information will be revealed on June 16. They released an accompanying tweet asking players to “save the date”. It’s not known what Blizzard is planning on revealing on this date, but at the end of their blog post, they did mention they would be revealing information on how to get access to the next phase of testing soon.


Overwatch 2 doesn’t have a confirmed release date but it is expected to launch in 2023.

In other news, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has purchased a five per cent stake in Nintendo.

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