‘Overwatch 2’ team outline changes coming to Brigitte

So long shield stun, I will miss you.

Members of the Overwatch 2 team have shared some of the details behind Brigitte’s upcoming rework.

Several heroes of Activision Blizzard‘s upcoming Overwatch 2 have received videos showing their new abilities and changes. However, Brigitte hasn’t had the same treatment yet. Developers have provided plenty of details in a Reddit AMA.

The new design ethos for Overwatch 2 is an essential change to the crowd control (CC) effect. The post says, “non-tank CC’s we’ve been taking a hard look at and trying to change them to remove the CC component and buff it in other ways.”


What this means for Brigitte is that her important shield bash is no longer able to stun opponents. This might seem like a drastic change for those who remember Brigitte from the original Overwatch. Her stun was the best way for her to catch out and focus down most heroes. It also allowed her to deny specific enemy abilities.

To compensate for the massive nerf, Brigitte’s shield bash will now push through barriers as it did when it was first implemented in Overwatch. It will also do more damage in the sequel, as there are no more stun combos to worry about.

Brigitte can also travel “almost twice as far” when using the shield bash. This allows for her to dive deeper with her mace bash and escape to safety with greater ease. A reduced cooldown will also be coming, which will allow the shield bash to be used as a traversal tool.

Brigitte has a passive effect called inspire. When she deals damage with her mace, the ability triggers to heal those around her. In Overwatch 2, this ability is also activated when she deals damage with her shield bash. This allows her to poke out and start healing her allies without having to drop her shield.

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