‘Overwatch 2’ trailer reveals new hero Ramattra’s abilities

Ramattra is 'Overwatch 2''s "first tempo tank"

Blizzard has released a trailer showing off the abilities of the newest character coming to Overwatch 2, the tank hero Ramattra.

Ramattra was revealed during the Overwatch League Grand Finals earlier this month, and will be joining the game’s roster of heroes in time for its second season, beginning on December 6.

The trailer can be seen below, and Blizzard has provided further information about the new hero in a post on the company’s website.


According to Blizzard, Ramattra is “Overwatch 2‘s first tempo tank”, likely a reference to his ability to change forms throughout the match – alternating between his Omnic form and his Nemesis form.

Ramattra’s Omnic form is his base form, and will be how he appears at the start of each match. While in his Omnic form, Ramattra is armed with a Void Accelerator – a massive staff with primary and secondary fire modes.

According to Josh Noh, lead balance designer on Overwatch 2, the Void Accelerator’s primary fire mode shoots out “a stream of fast-moving nanites.” These nanites travel slowly enough that players will need to lead their targets, but are effective at long-range with no damage falloff.

The Omnic form’s secondary ability is Void Barrier, which gives the player a temporary barrier that Ramattra can place on the map. The barrier can be used defensively to protect teammates and cut off enemies, or offensively in order to close the gap between your team and the enemy.

Ramattra changes both his appearance and his abilities in this Nemesis form, meanwhile. This form focuses on close-range combat, giving the tank hero additional armour and extra arms, which serve as his weapons. In this form, Ramattra launches a short-range power wave with each attack – which also pierces enemies, meaning all enemies in range will be hit. Leiman states that this ability is useful for working around Reinhardt’s shield, D.Va’s Defense Matrix, or Winston’s bubble.


Ramattra’s Nemesis form also gives him a blocking ability, which reduces incoming damage from the front – although still leaves him vulnerable from the rear. While blocking, his speed is reduced and he is unable to attack – but the ability has no cooldown, meaning players can quickly switch between attacking and defending.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard

Nemesis isn’t a permanent ability, though – and will deactivate after eight seconds, with a further eight-second cooldown.

Both the Omnis and Nemesis forms share a common ability, called Ravenous Vortex. This ability shoots a ball of nanites that slows down enemies, pulls them to the ground and deals damage.

His ultimate meanwhile is called Annihilation, which will immediately put Ramattra into Nemesis mode and fire out a wide energy swarm that deals constant damage to all enemies in range. It doesn’t just deal damage – the ability also cuts damage dealt by enemies in half.

Blizzard went deeper into the new hero’s backstory following his original announcement, describing him as a former war machine who “shed his munitions for a shield.”

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