‘Overwatch 2’ makes a host of balance changes with Season 2 launch

"We’ll be focusing on the lethality of her Rail Gun at distance"

Overwatch Season 2 will see Sojourn receive a considerable downgrade.

The latest development update from Blizzard detailed a number of changes that will be coming to the game, including the addition of new Tank hero Ramattra, a new payload map, and a number of balancing alterations.

Those alterations will see the deadliness of Sojourn’s rail gun significantly reduced, while  Doomfist will receive a hefty upgrade.


“Both metrics and player feedback have shown Sojourn dominating the highest tiers of Competitive ranks while remaining a challenge for players without the same mechanical skills,” the update from Blizzard read.

“To address the high-skill feedback, we’ll be focusing on the lethality of her Rail Gun at distance for Season 2, encouraging players to make use of Sojourn’s high mobility to close the distance for the more devastating right-clicks.”

It continued: “Doomfist is receiving significant changes that better support his role as the team’s front line, while still maintaining the playstyle core to his Hero identity.”

Blizzard also confirmed that adjustments will be made to Ana, Bastion, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Mercy, and Symmetra when the Season 2 update is released on December 6.

Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.
Overwatch 2. Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

Earlier this month, Blizzard promised to make improvements to Overwatch 2‘s reward system, which have been consistently criticised by players who find it unsatisfying.


In a blog post on the official Overwatch website, the game’s executive producer Jared Neuss said that Blizzard wants players to feel “more rewarded just for sitting down and playing,” wanting them to have accomplishments to chase outside of their Competitive Rank and Battle Pass level.

“When you finish a session, we want you to feel good about the time you just spent in the game— even if you ended on an epic losing streak at two a.m. after saying that you wouldn’t end on a loss,” he said.

To address this, Overwatch 2’s second season will make changes to the reward system, with each event offering a skin that players can earn by playing the game.

As for the long-term changes, Blizzard announced that it will make a number of changes in season three, with planned alterations to the Battle Pass, more interesting challenges and the introduction of more play-focused progression systems.

In other Overwatch 2 news, Blizzard has admitted that the game’s long queue times are a result of not enough players choosing support heroes.

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