‘Overwatch’ pro players “strike” mid-series due to Blizzard error

Blizzard caused controversy by declaring a winner halfway through a match

During the European bracket of the Overwatch Contenders Summer Series 2022, two teams refused to play their game following a major Blizzard communication error.

In the upper bracket final between 01_esports and Munich eSports, the match was listed as a best-of-seven series, which is highly unusual outside of grand finals. Due to the irregularity, one of the Munich players reached out to a tournament admin and asked them to confirm. Munich then received confirmation that the match was a best-of-seven and played the series out, quickly picking up a 3-0 lead (via The Verge).

However, 01 began to mount a comeback, pulling the series back to 3-2. It was at this point a Blizzard representative stepped in and revealed that the series was actually intended to be a best-of-five and they were awarding the series to Munich as a result. Predictably, 01_esports was unhappy that their comeback had been cut short.


In response to Blizzard’s decision, 01 organised a “strike” with their lower bracket final opponent Ex Oblivione. The two teams turned up to their match but refused to play it out, idling around rather than competing in-game. A Blizzard representative threatened to disqualify both teams for refusing to play but eventually relented.

Blizzard has since released a statement admitting the mistake and announced that the series will be resumed today (July 29) from the point it was abruptly cut off, with Munich leading 01_esports 3-2.

“After investigating the circumstances, we have determined that maintaining consistency with our most recent communication to teams, which stated the match was a first-to-4 series, is the fairest course of action. As a result, the series will resume tomorrow, Friday, July 29th, as a first-to-4 series, with Munich Esports leading 3-2 and in possession of next map choice.”

In other news, Warhammer 40,000 Darktide has been delayed.