‘Overwatch’ is finally getting cross-platform play

Don’t worry, cross-play won’t be available in competitive modes

Cross-platform play between PC and consoles is finally coming to Blizzard Entertainment’s multiplayer FPS Overwatch.

The developer announced the upcoming feature during a new update on YouTube, where game director Aaron Keller shared details about the forthcoming development. The feature will allow players across all of the game’s platforms – namely PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC – to play with and against each other once it launches.

However, cross-play will not be activated by default and will also not be available in competitive modes. The feature will also require console players to create and link to a Battle.net account in order for cross-play to be used. A launch date for cross-play has yet to be determined.


Moreover, cross-progression between the different systems will also not be available when cross-play launches. This means that your collection of items and experience on PC will not be accessible through the Nintendo Switch and vice versa. However, Keller noted in the update that it’s something the Overwatch team is “excited to work on in the future”.

In celebration of the upcoming feature, Blizzard is also gifting all players who log into the game by the end of the year a Golden Loot Box, which guarantees a legendary-tier in-game item. Users who own and play the game on more than one platform will also be able to receive one Golden Loot Box per system, even if the games are linked to the same Battle.net account.

In other Overwatch news, Blizzard recently announced a complete rework for several heroes in the upcoming Overwatch 2, along with major changes to the overall gameplay. Prior to that, the company also revealed that the game would shift from 6v6 teams to 5v5 teams, with each team being composed of one Tank, two Support, and two Damage heroes.