P Money releases “gaming anthem” ‘Outplayed’ with Tundra Esports

Footballer Virgil van Dijk has also joined the esports organisation as an ambassador

P Money has released ‘Outplayed’ in partnership with London-based Tundra Esports, with footballer Virgil van Dijk starring in the music video.

Today (August 4), Tundra Esports described ‘Outplayed’ – a track created by P Money, an ambassador to the group – as “the first official grime gaming song.”

You can watch the music video for ‘Outplayed’ below:


Speaking to NME, P Money shared that he’s “always loved” music and gaming and grew up playing games such as Zelda, Streets Of Rage, FIFA and Sonic The Hedgehog. However, the musician says he’s “never really heard artists such as myself – rappers and MC’s – really dive into that world within their music, even though we all played games or still play some form of game.”

On the inspiration behind ‘Outplayed’, P Money explained that he is “driven by the gap I see between music and gaming” and says that “grime, to me, blends really well with games – maybe it’s the sounds producers use that are similar to the sounds in games.”

“[‘Outplayed’ is] not necessarily just for us to gain a wider audience, it’s for gaming and music as a whole,” added P Money. “It’s for everyone. It’s to make a statement and a song the gamers can get behind as it promotes their culture and language, it’s also here to create something for other artists, developers and brands to see and get involved in.”

P Money and Virgil van Dijk
P Money and Virgil van Dijk. Credit: Tundra Esports.

P Money is no stranger to interweaving his music with gaming. The artist’s 2019 track ‘Where & When‘ was featured on FIFA 20, which he says was an “amazing opportunity” to land:


“At that time I was a heavy FIFA player, finishing top 100 in the world. So to be kicking butt to your songs? It’s always a great feeling,” laughed P Money, who added that “the exposure did me good.”

Speaking of football, Tundra Esports has also announced that Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk has become an ambassador for the group, and will provide “support and mentorship” to younger esports players within the org.

In other gaming news, a mobile World Of Warcraft spin-off has reportedly been cancelled due to a dispute between Blizzard and NetEase.

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