‘Pac-Man 99’ replaces ‘Mario 35’ as new battle royale game on Switch

It's free to download exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members

Nintendo has announced Pac-Man 99, a new battle royale game exclusively available for Nintendo Switch Online members.

As with Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35, the game from publisher Bandai Namco gives the arcade classic a battle royale twist.

Pac-Man 99 has up to 99 players competing against each other to see who can be the last Pac-Man standing.


Similar to Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35, the player will play their own game on a central screen while the other players are represented on smaller grids on the side.

Just like with those games, players can disrupt each other with a range of modifiers. For instance, by eating a frightened ghost, a “Jammer Pac-Man” appears on another player’s screen, which can slow them down.

New to Pac-Man 99 are Sleeping Ghosts, which when eaten get added behind another ghost, forming a ghost train.

Once a player eats a power pellet, the whole line will become vulnerable ghosts that can then be sent over as dozens of Jammer Pac-Mans to overwhelm the opponent.


Pac-Man 99 arrives just after Super Mario Bros. 35 was no longer available on the Nintendo Switch following the Super Mario 35th anniversary celebrations officially coming to an end on March 31.

Pac-Man 99 launches on April 7 from 6pm PST (April 8 from 2am BST) but Nintendo Switch Online members can download the title from the Nintendo eShop right now.

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