Gaming News

‘Battlefield 2042’ to launch class system update next week

“The return to the class system will shake up how you are used to playing 'Battlefield 2042'"

‘League of Legends’ source code auctioned off by hackers

Hackers are reportedly demanding millions for the code

Studio bosses deny ‘The Day Before’ is a scam

“We only believe in the final product. No matter what anyone says, you’ll see for yourself"

‘Dead Island 2’ developer teases “exciting” new addition, the skill deck

“The game is different for each player. It really is about what you’re equipping and what you’re doing with it”

You can now watch ‘The Last Of Us’ episode one free on YouTube

Those who haven't seen the series can get a taste for free

‘Redfall’ co-developer Studio Gobo now working on Sony’s ‘Horizon’ franchise

The 'Horizon' universe began in 2017 with 'Horizon Zero Dawn', with 'Horizon Forbidden West' following last year

London Mayor Sadiq Khan joins ‘Minecraft’ and asks players to redesign Croydon

"It was an honour to be rendered in blocks and join the 'Minecraft' family"

Naughty Dog might never make ‘The Last Of Us Part 3’

"We have a very strong ending with Part 2"