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Eight-year-old ‘Fortnite’ player signed to esports organization, Team 33

The team say they've been working with him since he was six years old

Mysterious, unfinished skin appears on ‘Fortnite’ Season Five

It has sparked some enthusiastic responses on Twitter

Fully scaled RTX 3070 gaming PC built in ‘Minecraft’ took 45 hours

You can even swim through the water cooling system

Watch the first ‘CS:GO’ cinematic in eight years

Operation Broken Fang is live now

‘Mass Effect’ creator, ‘Dragon Age’ producer resign from BioWare

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have both been with the studio for two decades

Get two Obsidian RPGs for free on ‘Cyberpunk 2077’’s launch day

Epic Games Store is giving away ‘Pillars Of Eternity’ and ‘Tyranny’

Play as Kratos from ‘God Of War’ in ‘Fortnite’ Season 5

There's also an armoured version of the skin, exclusive to PS5