Gaming News

Bohemia Interactive asks gamers to stop using ‘Arma 3’ to make fake war videos

"With every video taken down, 10 more are uploaded each day"

‘Music for PlayStation’ uses controller vibrations to play music for hard of hearing players

"This music has been designed so that audiences of all types of hearing [...] Can engage with the music on equal terms"

Criterion wants to bring ‘Burnout’ back – but has no immediate plans

"'Burnout' has a unique take on racing that I think would be absolutely phenomenal now"

‘Squad’ developer announces co-op shooter ‘Starship Troopers: Extermination’

'Starship Troopers: Extermination' is set to launch in Early Access next year

‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch kills the easiest way to complete missions

The latest 'Tarkov' update has been met with a mixed reception

Future DC games will be connected to Warner Bros’ films and TV shows

Future DC games will be part of an extended universe

Amouranth says “life is better” after swapping hot tub streams for ‘Overwatch’

"I get to do what I want and still make 7 [figure] money a month. Life is better”

When is the next ‘Escape From Tarkov’ wipe

The next 'Tarkov' wipe shouldn't be too long away

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ has around “65,000 lines of voice dialogue”

Developer Firaxis also promises “more branching choices than you could imagine”

‘Overwatch 2’ trailer reveals new hero Ramattra’s abilities

Ramattra is 'Overwatch 2''s "first tempo tank"