Gaming News

‘Dead Space’ remake composer says ‘Dead Space 4’ would “make a lot of sense”

"Pushing it forward to 'Dead Space 4' would be super fun"

‘Midnight Suns’ director calls James Gunn’s DCEU plan “a nightmare”

Gunn promised a universe connected across film, TV and games

EA reportedly axes singleplayer ‘Apex Legends’ game

It was claimed to be set in the shared Apex/Titanfall universe

GitHub founder launches new publisher Null Games with hockey roguelite ‘Tape To Tape’

“Null Games is part of a new wave of indie game publishers that put developers first,” said Chris Wanstrath

‘Hollow Knight Silksong’ developer files mysterious trademarks for “Fearless Fox”

The trademark appears to reference an unannounced video game

Square Enix strips ‘Final Fantasy 14’ achievements from raid-beating team who used cheats

The team was the first in the world to defeat The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

‘Redfall’ to launch with Denuvo and require internet connection for single-player

An update to its Steam page has confirmed that 'Redfall' will use Denuvo

‘Overwatch 2’ brings back free credits after microtransaction complaints

“These changes aren’t the end of our journey to make 'Overwatch 2' a more rewarding game to play"

Microsoft to remove ‘Far Cry 2’, ‘Mass Effect 2’ ‘CS:GO’ and more from Xbox 360 Marketplace

The delisting won’t affect anything on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S consoles