Gaming News

New ‘Baldur’s Gate III’ patch breaks saves but also adds cross-save

The update also makes companions more bearable

Xbox Game Pass manager says its “just getting warmed up” for December

Microsoft recently announced 17 new games for the service

Bandai Namco to collaborate with ‘Wallace & Gromit’ creators on new IP

The aim is to create “create stories tailored for current and future platforms”

‘Doom’ character skin heavily hinted to be coming to ‘Fall Guys’

Following a cute exchange between the two brands

Tyler, the Creator reveals he voiced ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ characters

It's been seven years since the game was released

Nintendo Switch hacker sentenced to three years in prison

He will also have to pay Nintendo $259,323

‘CS:GO’ pro Shroud hopes ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ will die “in a month”

“I hope it’s not larger than a month. It’s a fucking single-player game”

A Travis Scott-branded PlayStation 5 might be on the way

The rapper says all will be revealed in “the next couple of weeks”