Gaming News

Respawn Entertainment opens new studio to focus on ‘Apex Legends’

The team has been building internally for eight months

‘Wasteland 3’ developers preview customisation options, character duos

The first episode of 'Dev Diary' also details the game's new battle system

BioWare confirms ‘Anthem’ overhaul will be a long process

The developing team is “going back to the drawing board”

Ubisoft sues Apple, Google for selling ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ clone

Apple and Google have allegedly refused to remove ‘Area F2’ from its stores

‘Nioh 2’ releases free update with photo mode, new side missions

Team Ninja also revealed details about upcoming DLCs

Respawn confirms it’s not working on a new ‘Titanfall’ game

But the series remains “near and dear” to the company

Paradox Interactive drops ‘Crusader Kings III’ gameplay teaser, story trailer

The company also revealed the game’s release date

Bandai Namco announces ‘Scarlet Nexus’ pre-orders

The game will be released on current- and next-gen consoles

Microsoft confirms ‘Halo Infinite’ showcase for July’s Xbox 20/20

‘Halo Infinite’ will be one of many first-party title showcases

Nintendo announces ‘Paper Mario: The Origami King’ for Switch

It introduces a new battle system and abilities for Mario