Paradox Interactive announce that work on ‘Imperator: Rome’ has halted

Development is on hold as the studios focus on new titles

Paradox Interactive have temporarily put a hold on work on Imperator: Rome.

In a post on their official forum Bevan Davies — Paradox’s segment and portfolio manager for strategy games — explained the changes to the development structure of the studio, which would see updates go on hold for the Roman focussed grand strategy game.

“To make a long story short and simple: earlier this year, PDS has split into three distinct studios. Internally, we call them PDS Green, PDS Red, and PDS Gold.” Davies explained.


Each studio is working on maintaining existing games, with PDS Green handling Stellaris, PDS Red continuing to work on Crusader Kings, and finally PDS Gold is maintaining Hears of Iron IV. Paradox opened up an external studio in Barcelona named Paradox Tinto last year, where a team exclusively manages Europa Universalis IV. 

“You might have noticed that Imperator: Rome isn’t assigned to any of the studios mentioned above.” Davies said, “given where Imperator was at in the run up to 2.0’s launch, we decided that after the launch of the update we would move people from Imperator to these other projects.”

As such, Davies explained that there wouldn’t be “much Imperator news” at PDXCON, Paradox Interactive’s developer and fan convention, that is slated to run from May 21-23.

Davies did have some good news however, stating that the studios were also developing new games, which are currently “unannounced for now” with a promise of at least one slated to be mentioned at PDXCON.

Earlier in the year, Paradox Interactive restarted development on Surviving Mars after two years without updates, with a full-featured expansion in the works set to launch at some point in 2021.