Paradox Interactive opens new studio focused on ‘Europa Universalis’

It also has plans for original games in the future

Paradox Interactive has announced the opening of a brand-new studio in Barcelona, Spain, which will focus on the development of its long-running Europa Universalis franchise.

The new location is named Paradox Tinto and will be headed by Johan Andersson, who is the creative director of Paradox Interactive. He has been with the company for over 25 years and has worked on a majority of its grand strategy games, from Stellaris to Imperator: Rome.

“I am excited and grateful for this opportunity to build up a new studio in a new location, putting the knowledge accumulated through the decades of building games and development studios into good use,” Andersson said in a press statement.


Aside from the focus on Europa Universalis IV, the studio also has plans to develop original games in the future. “My goal is to assemble a team and create a fully functional studio to keep on developing the Europa Universalis brand, and later design and develop new grand strategy games,” Andersson added.

Charlotta Nilsson, the chief operations officer at Paradox Interactive, also noted that the opening of Paradox Tinto would allow the company to “[focus] on the core game genre we’re famous for: grand strategy”.

“The success of our studios over the last few years has allowed us to continually add more capabilities and new ideas, with more games going into active development and more ambitious plans every day.”

The next major Paradox Interactive release is Crusader Kings III, which is scheduled for release on September 1 for PC. The company previously dropped a gameplay teaser and story trailer for the game.

Emperor, a DLC for Europa Universalis IV, is also set to launch later this month for the PC. The content pack will expand gameplay options for the Papacy, the Holy Roman Empire and Revolutionary movements, as well as add over 20 new missions for a slew of nations.