PC gamers could be looking forward to cheaper RAM upgrades

According to Nanya, the fourth largest RAM manufacturer in the world

There may be a buck in the current trend of hardware shortages and inflated prices, as PC gamers may be able to upgrade their RAM for cheaper in the near future.

That’s according to a prediction from Nanya Technology Corporation, the world’s fourth largest dynamic RAM (DRAM) manufacturer during its Q3 earnings report (thanks, PC Gamer).

While the company states that the DRAM market is entering a “short term correction from Q4 2021”, this refers to a price reduction owing to more supply and a decline in market confidence. While that’s bad news for manufacturers, it’s good news for consumers’ wallets.


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It makes for a contrast in the rest of the hardware market where there has been a surging demand and shortage in semiconductors and computer chips, as a result of the pandemic – it’s had an impact across industries including from the GPUs and CPUs used in the latest generation of game consoles.

Regarding the global chip shortage, last month AMD’s Lisa Su was optimistic about supply in 2022, although still expected it to be “likely tight” for the remainder of this year.

On the other hand, one analyst has predicted that the chip shortage will not only return to normal “by the middle of 2022”, but could lead to oversupply by 2023.

Elsewhere, a developer of the Skyrim Script Extender has warned that the upcoming Skyrim Anniversary Edition update is going to be disruptive for the modding community.


They claimed that the update will break all the tools the community had built to get many mods working on Skyrim Special Edition, meaning “addresses will need to be found again from scratch”, and urged modders to “back up your executable now, and disable updates in Steam”.

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