PC Gaming Show set to showcase over 50 games

“We want this to be a unique and fun moment for PC gaming”

PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show on June 13 is set to deliver over 50 games through world-exclusive trailers, gameplay reveals and interviews for upcoming PC games.

The show is set to start 7pm (BST) and is bringing with it multiple developers to make announcements on the projects they have been working on.

Among the developers involved with the event are the likes of 2K Games, Rebellion and Saga. The event is also promised to display a first look at Surgeon Simulator 2, alongside a special surprise for Torchlight fans.


It’s not clear what many of the companies will be announcing but developer Atlus, who are most notably known for the Persona series, took to its official Twitter to declare it will be announcing some “exciting news”.

The show was originally intended to be held on June 6 but was pushed back a week in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. PC Gamer joins companies such as EA and Steam, who also also postponed their events in support of the protests.

Editor-in-chief of PC Gamer, Evan Lahti, has said that with this conference the company “wanted to deliver on the spectacle and level of production that gamers expect from gaming press conferences”. He also emphasised that it’s “not going to just show people a two-hour Zoom call with some video games in it. We want this to be a unique and fun moment for PC gaming”.

In previous years, the show has taken place during E3, but has since had to take a digital approach after the cancellation of E3 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In a press release the company explained that its “production team has found new ways to tell stories about the most exciting games being made on PC, and we believe the results will exceed PC gamers’ expectations”.

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