‘Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’ trailer shows off more fast paced action

An enemy persona approaches

A new trailer for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax was released earlier today, giving us a better look at the port in action.

Initially revealed at The Game Awards, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a port of the complete version of the 2D fighter coming to PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The trailer shows some of the anime cutscenes that are unique to the fighting game, featuring various characters across both Persona 4 and Persona 3.

It also shows a fight between Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax antagonist Sho Minazkui. The gameplay looks to be no different from the original release of the game, initially released in arcades in 2013, and for the PS3 in 2014.


What is notable is that the game won’t be released with rollback netcode. If you haven’t heard of rollback netcode, it’s a form of netcode that essentially predicts players inputs to reduce lag while playing online.

Because of that, online play between other players will likely be tough, if not sometimes impossible. Rollback netcode is becoming more and more critical, especially in a time where more people are spending time at home.

The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax port was announced as part of Atlus‘ plans to celebrate the Persona series 25th anniversary. A new mainline Persona game is expected to be announced sometime this year, as Atlus has promised some big announcements over 2022.

In other news, Final Fantasy 14’s director Naoki Yoshida asked players to refrain from using abusive language when commenting on issues with the game. “Please imagine that you’re speaking face to face with a developer whom you may not know his name nor face and imagine how they’d feel before sending your feedback over, and I’ll be happy if people can do so politely,” said Yoshida.

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