PewDiePie takes break from YouTube to play ‘Minecraft’ update

"I get summer holiday this year, so does Sive."

Felix “PewdiePie” Kjellberg has announced a break from YouTube to enjoy the latest Minecraft update.

Today (June 10), popular YouTube content creator PewDiePie announced that he would be taking a break from his usual content creation schedule in order to spend some time playing the new update.

Ahead of the release, PewDiePie said “I’m leaving when the new Minecraft update comes out that I’ve been waiting for, for months.”


PewDiePie specified that he would be stepping back from June 7 to June 13 and jokingly told fans “Don’t watch anyone else do the Minecraft update!”

This isn’t the first time that PewDiePie has taken a break from his channel – in early 2020, he took a break to focus on his mental health before returning to content creation at a later date.

On Tuesday afternoon (June 8), Mojang Studios released Minecraft‘s long-awaited Caves & Cliffs update.

The patch includes “cute and fun mobs, cool items, and new blocks.”

A full list of patch notes is available, listing a host of new materials that have been added and mentioning some of the new features.


“Now you can finally swim with the glow squid, fight alongside the axolotls, and get rammed off a mountain by a goat. You can also build with new blocks like copper, pointed dripstone, and moss, hang some hanging roots and cave vines, and marvel at the new ore textures.”

“Light up your homes, caves, mineshaft and lives with the glow berry. Build a spyglass and peep your next adventure or just keep track of what that creeper over yonder is doing.”

In other Minecraft news, an engineering student has created a way to play Minecraft using a Bop-It as a controller