‘Phasmophobia’ developers share look at VR Overhaul

Hopefully the improvements will arrive in-game soon

Kinetic Games has shared a video of the upcoming Phasmophobia VR Overhaul update that improves the VR user experience.

Phasmophobia has had VR support since it initially launched. However, the mode had some quality of life features that it was missing, and little has been done to improve the mode in past updates.

However, a video from the developers shows some incoming updates. The clip was shared in a tweet and details some of the upcoming changes. (via UploadVR)


First, there are improved hand poses. This includes how the player’s hand reacts when near objects, how objects are held, and finger tracking for controllers that support it. This should allow for more intuitive interactions when playing in VR and provide more precise feedback on what is interactable in the game world.

The update will also include support for a seated mode. This will allow players to play the game as though they are stood up when they are sat down, increasing the playstyle options available. A simulated crouch will also be added, allowing Phasmophobia players to reach low objects without having to actually bend their knees.

One reply to the tweet complained that the game still had floating disconnected hands for players. However, one of the lead artists for phasmophobia replied saying that a complete inverse kinematic rig will be added when the player models are overhauled. However, this would require a lot of work.

Inverse kinematics, or IK, are used in many VR games to use the player’s hand and head location to predict where their limbs and body should be and how they are positioned. This system often leads to a better feeling of immersion when playing in VR.

No release date is currently available for the update, but it is marked as in testing on the developers Trello.


In other news, Ubisoft has revealed a technology that will leverage cloud computing to create more detailed words that can be updated while players are still playing without requiring downloads.

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