‘Phasmophobia’ update 0.4 adds a spooky new map and more ghosts

Nothing spooky has ever happened at an abandoned campsite, right?

Update 0.4.0. for Phasmophobia – also called the Nightmare update – has added several new ghosts, as well as a spooky campsite that needs investigating.

Ahead of Halloween, Kinetic Games has revealed that the latest Phasmophobia update will take players to the Maple Lodge Campsite, “a brand new medium sized map featuring picnic areas, games, multiple tents, a log cabin and a haunted lake”.

The blog notes that Maple Lodge Campsite is more detailed than any other Phasmophobia map to date. Although players with “outdated hardware” may see some FPS drops, Kinetic Games plans to revisit other maps and add this same level of detail.


Four new ghosts have also been added to Phasmophobia – Onryo, The Twins, Obake, and Raiju – and all will spawn more frequently during the Halloween event.

The Nightmare update has also reworked the difficulty options in Phasmophobia. Amateur difficulty should help ease new players into ghost hunting. In contrast, a new difficulty mode – Nightmare – adds “a challenge mode for those seeking the most intense gameplay Phasmophobia has to offer”.

Upon starting a contract, each map will have different weather, affecting how players will find ghosts. Colder weather will affect temperature readings, while wind, rain and fog will make it harder to spot or hear ghosts.

There’s plenty of other, more minor changes to Phasmophobia in update 0.4. Ghosts can now interact with showers in certain places, and a nearby ghost will cause walkie-talkies to only play static.

To catch up on the complete list of changes, you can visit the Phasmophobia patch notes for details.


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