‘Phasmophobia’ update completely overhauls VR

Update v0.6.0.0 has added an entirely new VR system

Kinetic Games has released the Phasmophobia VR overhaul update which means to improve performance and address all related bugs.

In a new Steam community post, the developer announced that the long-awaited update v0.6.0.0 is available now. For starters, an entirely new VR system has been introduced to Phasmophobia which features headset support, as well as two options for grabbing options, including a toggle and hold option.

The players’ equipment belt and head camera slots in the truck will now highlight when attempting to slot something into them, while VR Seated Mode and Left Handed Mode have been added to the options, allowing for more accessibility.


Height Calibration has also been added to the options, which will allow players to align their character model with their real-life body, as well as new hand poses and animation for better visual feedback. Players can now swap objects between hands, simulate crouching in VR by pressing down on the right thumbstick, and turn a full 180 degrees.

Phasmophobia. Credit: Kinetic Games

Kinetic Games has introduced improved VR throwing physics for more accurate throwing, a smooth camera mode for better recording, along with a new character walking animation for multiplayer.

In terms of new Phasmophobia gameplay updates, the screens in the truck have been updated, the sound sensor has received new visuals and functionality, and new options for voice transmission, for example through voice activation, push to talk, on and off toggle, and the global walkie talkie.

Good news for players who are killed during matches and have to spectate their teammates, Kinetic has added a permanent sprint button in the afterlife, while enemy ghosts can now knock on patio doors in Ridgeview and Tanglewood, among other improvements. The patch notes for update v0.6.0.0 can be found on the previously mentioned Steam blog post.


In other news, a new Gran Turismo 7 update appears to address the game’s credit payout system.

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