‘Phasmophobia’ will add a Summoning Circle and more in the Christmas update

The ghosts of Christmas yet to come

Phasmophobia has teased the contents of its upcoming Christmas update, which looks set to add five new Cursed Possessions – including a Summoning Circle – and more.

As spotted by PCGamesN, a Trello page for Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has been updated with more details on what to expect from the future of the ghost-hunting horror game.

In a card labelled “Christmas [redacted] update”, Kinetic Games says it’s working on four new cursed possessions that are coming to Phasmophobia. While two of those new items are redacted, the other two – a Tortured Voodoo Doll and Summoning Circle – have been announced.


While nothing has been confirmed just yet, the Summoning Circle may offer a way for players to quickly summon a ghost to a room – or even trap it in one location. These Cursed Possessions may also play a part in bringing ghosts to the Summoning Circle, as spirits could be drawn to the items that were important to them in life.

Phasmophobia. Image: Kinetic Games

As well as another two unannounced Cursed Possessions, Phasmophobia‘s Christmas update will also add “new Ouija Board questions” and more.

This will be the next big update to Phasmophobia since the Nightmare update, which arrived around Halloween last month. The Nightmare update added the spooky Maple Lodge Campsite map, randomised weather, four new types of ghost, and a reworked difficulty system. The new difficulty system added amateur and Nightmare difficulty options, ensuring that new players and seasoned ghost hunters alike can still enjoy the game.

In other news, former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell has posted a video requesting that players “destroy” music he released without permission. The message – which was court-ordered – clarified that he does not have “the legal authority” to own or distribute the music.