‘Pistol Whip”s free Smoke & Thunder update releases next week

Rooting tootin' rhythm shootin'

Cloudhead Games’ VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip receives its second free story content update next week with the wild west themed Smoke & Thunder.

Pistol Whip is a VR rhythm game where you have to time your gunshots to the beat to earn a maximum high score. Following its futuristic 2089 update last year, Smoke & Thunder will take players back to the wild west, releasing August 12.

Smoke & Thunder features tracks from The Heavy, Black Pistol Fire, Bones UK, Devora, and a never before heard track from Magic Sword. The expansion will contain five levels and provides a fully voiced story of two sisters. Jessie is played by Victoria Hogan of Kingdom Come: Deliverance while Tess is voiced by Avalon Penrose from Hades.


Once players have beaten the campaign, they can go to the arcade and replay levels with any weapons and modifiers they like. 2089’s levels will also be added to the arcade when this update is released.

Also included in the update is the new Styles feature. This system allows players to choose their favourite weapon and up to five modifiers to create a template mode. Styles will have their own leader boards for players to compete in. There will also be an ever-changing featured Styles list which will update weekly.

Three days after Smoke & Thunder launches, the price of Pistol Whip will increase from its current £19.49. Currently, only the US pricing has been announced, with the new price being $29.99. Directly converted, this is £21.62, but the actual price increase may be slightly greater.

The price increase is to help Cloudhead continue developing Pistol Whip into the future; however, they do encourage players to pick up the game at its current price if they are interested.


Elsewhere, Final Fantasy XIV’s summer Moonfire Faire is set to begin next week.

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