PlatinumGames is interested in bringing ‘Star Fox Zero’ to Switch

How many Wii U games would that make on Switch?

PlatinumGames has said it would be interested in porting Star Fox Zero to the Nintendo Switch if Nintendo wanted to.

Released on the Wii U in 2016, Star Fox Zero received some mixed reviews, primarily down to how the game used both the gamepad and the TV screen at the same time during gameplay. With many adding that the controls were more manageable during repeated playthroughs.

Studio head at PlatinumGames Atsushi Inaba spoke to VGC about the possibility of bringing the game to Switch and said: “It’s not cool that people aren’t able to play older games because they’re locked out of the platform, so of course if anything was possible we’d like to bring over any of those older titles to the newer platforms.


“It kind of depends on what’s in the realm of actual possibility, but yeah, if the chance came up it’s definitely something we’d like to think about,” Inaba added.

Star Fox Zero was developed by both PlatinumGames and Nintendo EPD, the division of Nintendo that focuses on developing video games. Porting the game to Switch would likely mean that the dual-screen controls would need to be removed, as the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t be able to use them in handheld or docked mode.

Inaba also said that “the important thing to remember here is that because it’s Nintendo’s IP, the ideas are coming from Miyamoto-san himself. Of course, at that time there was a lot of discussion between Platinum and Nintendo, but if the opportunity came up to bring Star Fox Zero to the Switch again it would be more of a question of what he would like to do in that opportunity, and of course, we would respect that again”

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