Player manages to create Battle Royale mode in ‘Battlefield 2042’

They used Portal mode to create a 100-player free-for-all

One Battlefield 2042 player has used Portal mode to create an in-game Battle Royale.

Writing on Reddit, Chbmg said: “After spending more hours in the rules editor than I care to admit, I’m pleased to announce the creation of a full battle royale experience for Battlefield Portal.” Later in the thread, they reveal they “even dug up an old physics textbook to make this mode”.

Titled Warfield 100, the game is a 100-player battle royale that includes a pre-game lobby, a closing circle, random ground loot, a prison, and a spectator mode.


Warfield 100 players will be equipped with a random loadout and be forced to parachute into the game. Games are currently set to last for twenty minutes and to ensure a winner is found, as the timer reaches zero “the game goes into a ‘sudden death’ mode where all players take a random amount of damage every second to help ensure that only one player survives/wins within the game time limit.”

According to the thread, “players who die are sent to the prison area and must fight to escape – players only require one kill at first but for every additional death (including while in prison), one more kill will be needed to leave. Players take severe damage quickly if they try to run from the prison area. If a player requires more than four kills to leave prison, then that player is terminated and ‘out of the game’.”

Chbmg is hosting games in Battlefield 2042 over the next few days but has also provided the code so players can host their own battle royale, which is AAGDWA

Earlier this month, it was announced that Fawzi Mesmar, who has been head of design at EA Dice since 2019, is leaving the studio this November.


As reported by VGC, Mesmar’s departure was announced in an email sent to staff earlier this week. Within the email, Mesmar said “it was an absolute pleasure to serve on the best design teams in the galaxy” and thanked staff for putting faith in him.