‘Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds’ bots get nerfed in new patch

No more laser-accurate full-auto bursts from AI.

PUBG Corporation has released a new update for the battle royale that tames the rampaging bots.

On 2 June Player Unknowns Battlegrounds began season 12 and introduced a number of new features. One change that has received “player feedback” is the changes to the bots that help populate the game.

In the patch notes released on 9 June, several changes to bots were detailed alongside a few bug fixes.


To make the bots feel less oppressive PUBG Corp has “Reduced overall firing accuracy when shooting players.” They have also “reduced the engagement distance at which bots switch to full-auto firing mode, preferring single-fire mode at longer distances.”

Bots also had their reaction times nerfed: “Bots now engage less quickly after acquiring their target.”

These changes should see bots become far less problematic for players and allow them to focus on shooting each other.

Also included in the patch are fixes to a few notable bugs. These include:

  • Fixed multiple map issues on Miramar, which allowed players to get to unintended locations inside certain buildings, see through certain objects inside them, or fall through the map.
  • Fixed an issue on Miramar with ground textures rendering in low quality, even on high texture settings
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Lynx AMR magazine model not rendering in certain situations.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Quad which caused textures underneath the vehicle to appear stretched.
  • Fixed an issue in Racing Mode where players could spawn in an unintended location

The previous PUBG patch brought in season 12, but also added a new events page to help players keep track of upcoming and ongoing live events.

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