Player’s ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ takes 22,000 hours to earn

The fan's dream team would take up to 69 days of trading to earn enough coins.

A FIFA Ultimate Team fan recently crunched the numbers and figured out just how much it would cost to buy his dream team.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a popular game mode within the FIFA series of football games. It allows players to build their dream football team and compete against other players.

Players build teams by collecting cards which can be earned via in-game or collected  randomly through packs purchased using real currency.


Twitter user, ScudzTV, created his own dream team and then calculated the in-game value according to FIFA Ultimate Team‘s digital marketplace. Featuring famous names like Ronaldo, Pelé, Rio Ferdinand and Paolo Maldini, ScudzTV’s estimated that his dream team was worth 100million coins.

To earn 100million coins via gameplay, ScudzTV estimated that he would need to play 22,000 hours of FIFA Ultimate Team, which equates to 916 days of around-the-clock gaming.

FIFA Ultimate Team offers players other ways to earn coins, one of which is through player trades. ScudzTV addressed this, stating that: “Assuming I trade 10k every 10 minutes, I will need to trade for 1,650 hours or 69 days of trading 24/7.”

Speaking with NME, ScudzTV discussed his motivation behind the tweet: “I did this because there have been numerous occasions of EA stating that ‘anyone can get any player they want’ when this simply isn’t true. Those who want to play UT competitively will need to spend weeks on end playing or spend tens of thousands of pounds.”

ScudzTV isn’t alone in his frustration, with countless fans having voiced their support for his Tweet.


This isn’t the first time EA has been in the spotlight over FIFA Ultimate Team, after the Netherlands Gaming Authority declared loot boxes illegal during October last year. In the ruling, the authority claimed loot boxes were associated with the “risk of gambling addiction,” a claim which EA refuted.

Speaking on a potential fix for the issue, ScudzTV commented: “EA Sports could fix this by listening to the community, who have mirrored the sentiments in my tweet for some time. Ideally, the developers would change in-game pack weights to reduce pricing and increase availability of items”.

Credit: EA Sports

ScudzTV added: “I don’t believe monetisation in the wider industry is an issue, but I believe loot boxes and over-monetisation are. I’m more than happy to buy a player or in-game item for say £15, but I don’t want to have to spend £100 and open four boxes in the hope I might get it.”

At the time of writing it has been 17 hours since ScudzTV published the tweet. In the time since then it has received 2,800 retweets and 14,000 likes. EA Sports has not yet responded to the claims made by ScudzTV.

Elserwhere, EA banned over 9000 accounts and issued over 25,000 warnings or suspensions this week in an ongoing campaign to fight racism in FIFA.

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