PlayerUnknown says ‘Prologue’ will set up the bigger ‘Project Artemis’

"I want my team’s name to mean something in a couple of years"

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has said that the upcoming Prologue title from his new studio PlayerUnknown Productions will precede something much bigger.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Green said that “Prologue is really just a stepping stone. My biggest mission with PlayerUnknown Productions is to build an authentic and trustworthy studio. I want my team’s name to mean something in a couple of years, and I think the only way to achieve that is to be open.”

Prologue, despite having a map of 64km by 64km, will lead into Project Artemis, which Greene says already has the funding. “So we don’t have to make money from Prologue, we have a chance to show off and bring people into the fold a lot earlier and build that relationship,” he added.


Prologue. Credit: PlayerUnknown Productions

According to the interview, Prologue will build on mechanics and ideas from existing survival games, but it’s also going to be “emergent”, which means that every time a player logs in they could have a completely different experience.

Project Artemis will apparently then build on that, as it will be something more akin to an “organic collaboration between humanity and machines to make a world from scratch,” said Greene according to GamesBeat.

Greene also said that he doesn’t think Prologue will be a very interesting game for a lot of people, at least in comparison to Project Artemis. “I think it’ll be quite boring,” he said.

“Light fires, board up windows, keep yourself warm against the constant storm where cold weather will knock you out. But again, it’s more to show a consistent world with logical points on it where you can do things, and this is systemic gameplay.”

It was announced that Greene left Krafton on September 1, and also that he would be creating his own studio called PlayerUnknown Productions. He then teased on Twitter a little more about Prologue and how it would focus on machine-learning technology.


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