‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Taego map has release times confirmed

Taego goes live later this week

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ new Taego map has received an official PC release date, and will go live on Wednesday July 7.

Developer PUBG Corporation told the game’s Discord server when the game would be going down for maintenance, and then coming back online a few hours later with the new Taego map ready to be played. PUBG will go offline on July 6 for eight hours at 5:30pm PDT (1:30am July 7 BST).

This means Taego will be live worldwide on July 7 at 1:30am PDT (9:30am BST), with the console version of update 12.2 not available until July 15.


The 8×8 map was released on test servers on June 30, with self-revive (or Self AED)  coming to the game as part of the 12.2 update. 12.2 also includes new guns, a new airdrop and a new vehicle in the Hyundai Pony Coupe.

The update will also feature more details on Taego’s story alongside a collaboration with actor Don Lee. Lee starred in Train To Busan and will be in the upcoming Marvel‘s Eternals. He originally appeared in the short film PUBG Universe: Ground Zero, which ties into the upcoming Taego map.

Taego will feature the Comeback BR System, which allows players who have died during the first phase of a match to come back during the second phase and fight among each other to see who can return to the game. This will only occur on Taego, and also only during squad games.

Update 12.2 for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will also have two new weapons, the K2 and the MK12. The K2 is an assault rifle that can switch between single, burst and full auto. The MK12 rifle has an 8x scope, making it ideal for longer ranged fights. Both the MK12 and the K2 will spawn alongside normal loot.


In other news, an update to Bandai Namco’s website has revealed more details on the upcoming Elden Ring. The new information sheds light on the exactly what the Elden Ring is, alongside how weather will impact the game.

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