PlayStation 5 becomes fastest-selling Sony console ever

10 million sales is not too shabby

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 is its fastest-selling games console ever, hitting the 10 million sales milestone already.

The console reached the figure on July 18th, which meant it achieved the goal just under a month faster than the PlayStation 4 managed.

That comes while sales have been potentially hampered by Sony struggling to keep up with demand. The console has frequently sold out globally, and ongoing semi-conductor shortages have made console production much trickier than usual. With scalpers also buying up PS5 stock, on the surface, it looked like a fairly tough first year for the PlayStation 5, but sales have disproved that.


While the PlayStation 5 is currently being sold at a loss according to a report earlier this year,  CEO Jim Ryan is confident that sales performance is dependent on the company’s ability to keep up with demand, telling that improving inventory levels remains a top priority.

“Engagement on the platform is the highest that we’ve ever seen whichever way you look at it,” he explained in the interview. “Whether it’s the number of people measured by a metric such as MAU [Monthly Active Users], or whether it’s the time that these people spend playing games. Both of these metrics are showing very significant double-digit growth compared to the launch window of PS4, the previous high-water mark.”

Notably, the PlayStation 4 achieved sales of over 115 million units throughout its 8 year lifetime.

Related to that, Ryan also explained in an interview with Reuters that there’s still a “lot of work” to do before the high demand for the PlayStation 5 can be met and that he was “very sorry” about fans missing out on a console.