PlayStation 5 console production is reportedly ramping up

The next-gen console has been in high demand

Sony has reportedly confirmed it will start speeding up the production of PlayStation 5 consoles in order to achieve high sales.

As reported by GamingBible, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed in a recent Sony Group shareholder meeting that the company will be accelerating the supply of PS5 units in the next fiscal year.

According to the original Jiji report (translated on ResetEra), Yoshida explains that speeding up production will allow Sony to achieve sales of “more than 22.6 million units per year” the largest in the history of PlayStation.


The post also shared an image of Sony’s best selling consoles, showing that the original PlayStation console that released in 1998 is by far the most popular with 22.6 million units sold. Following closely behind is the PS2 with 22.0 million units.

The PlayStation 5 launched in November last year but units were quick to sell out due to high demand and a problem with scalpers buying and re-selling the console at a higher price.

As of June 21, Sony has sold over 9 million PS5 consoles, several million more than Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S.

In January, UK retailer GAME introduced new measures to combat scalpers and prevent them from buying multiple units.

Sony reportedly told analysts in May, however, that it expects the PS5 shortages will continue until 2022, with Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki saying he doesn’t think the demand is “calming down this year”.


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