PlayStation 5 redesign to reportedly go into production in 2022

However, the change will reportedly only affect the machine's internal components

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly set to change the design of its PlayStation 5 console by 2022.

This is according to Taiwanese business outlet DigiTimes, which cited industry sources, that semiconductor manufacturer TSMC has plans to produce a redesigned version of the PS5. The report also noted that the reworked console will feature a “new semi-customised” 6nm CPU from AMD as the current 5nm chip is supposedly too expensive, per Kantan Games analyst Dr. Serkan Toto.

The DigiTimes also claimed that the redesigned PS5 would deliver more power than the current version and that the change would only be to the internal components. The exterior of the PS5, however, will reportedly remain the same.


Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki had previously mentioned a possible redesign of the PS5 in order to battle the ongoing global semiconductors shortage. During an investor call in end-April, Totoki said that the company “could cope” with the shortage by “changing the [console’s] design”, per VGC.

Last month, Sony also recently released its financial results for FY2020, revealing it had sold 7.8million PS5 consoles. The company exceeded its initial estimated forecast of 7.6million consoles, although that had likely been a cautious prediction considering its ongoing supply chain issues.

Earlier this month, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a partnership with and an investment in popular online chat platform Discord. As part of the deal, SIE has made a “minority investment” in Discord’s Series H funding round, and the two companies are working to integrate Discord’s services into the PlayStation Network by 2022.

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