PlayStation 5 update will allow games to be stored on USB storage

The update will also allow Share Play between PS4 and PS5 owners

Sony have announced the first system update for the PS5, which will allow players to store PS5 games on external USB drives.

The software update will roll out tomorrow (April 14) for PS5, PS4 and the PlayStation App. Allowing users to transfer games from the PlayStation 5’s internal storage to external storage is the main addition, as it will allow players to transfer games back and forth quickly, rather than reinstall or redownload them.

Games that are transferred to the USB storage will not be playable, as they are designed to work off the PS5’s SSD drive, but they will be eligible to receive automatic updates when you transfer them back to the internal storage.


Furthermore, if a game supports the option to install various modes separately, such as single player or multiplayer, you will be able to transfer only the relevant mode.

Other improvements across PS4 and PS5 include cross-generation Share Play, which will let you share your screen to friends between consoles, regardless of game compatibility. Players will even be able to pass a controller virtually to a friend forward or backwards through the different PlayStation generations.

Alongside these updates, players will be able to update volume in voice chat, or disable it outright, and customize their game library. Trophy settings and stats are also getting updates, allowing users to choose which trophies cause the system to take a screenshot.

Finally the PlayStation App will be updated to allow players to manage PS5 console storage, and also compare trophy collections with friends, amongst other features. Full details are available on Sony’s site.

The PS5 is currently the best selling console in the UK for the second month in a row, despite how hard it is to purchase one due to continued stock shortages.