PlayStation acquires esports platform

Sony hopes to grow its esports offerings further

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced this week that it has acquired, an esports technology platform which hosts leaderboard tournaments. tracks player performance as well as enabling participation in competitions without the need to be online, and has hosted more than 100,000 tournaments with almost 270million individual matches being completed. The free and paid-entry tournaments for games such as Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite and League of Legends have attracted over 2.3million players so far.

In a private deal, PlayStation has acquired the esports platform and released a statement which said, “At PlayStation, our vision for esports has always been about breaking down barriers for gamers to compete at all levels.” Steven Roberts, vice president of competitive gaming at Sony, continued: “Together with the talented team, we’re excited to explore more ways for players to engage in competitive gaming and expand the breadth of our esports offerings. This is just the start of our journey and we look forward to sharing more updates with our community in the future.”


PlayStation. Credit: Sony Interactive Enterainment

Users of the platform have been reassured that it will continue to feature games on other platforms and will not become PlayStation exclusive, with platforms such as PC, mobile and other consoles continuing to be supported. So far, Sony has not announced direct integration with PlayStation, but the acquisition could see directly accessible on consoles in the future. CEO Aaron Fletcher also added, “ was designed to enable new tournament formats that are easy to enter and scalable to millions of players. We’re thrilled to join the PlayStation team and work together to enhance the variety of tournament experiences gamers can enjoy, regardless of their skill level.”

After becoming the co-owner of Evo, a fighting game tournament provider, in March 2021, as well as providing PlayStation Tournaments which have taken place in over 70 countries, Sony has significantly invested in the esports field and this latest acquisition will only strengthen their position there.

In other gaming news, Dead Cells developer Motion Twin has released a roadmap for the game going into 2023 and reassured that development for the game is far from over.