PlayStation facing lawsuit over alleged gender discrimination at the company

The employee alleges that they were fired over a department termination, despite not working in that department

A lawsuit has been brought against PlayStation platform owner Sony over alleged gender discrimination at the company.

Filed yesterday (November 22) and reported on by Axios today, Emma Majo claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment didn’t compensate female staff equally to male staff who did very similar jobs, and denied equal compensation as well.

A former IT security analyst, Majo is demanding a jury trial on behalf of all female or female identifying employees who have worked at Sony in California over the last few years. The lawsuit alleges that Sony willfully violated the Equal Pay Act in the US.


According to the lawsuit, Majo joined Sony in 2015, and by 2021 the company was dominated by males. Majo also notes that she had to send a request to a manager through a male intern, as a request very similar from a higher-level female employee would be ignored.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 console. Credit: Sony

Staff above Majo also apparently dodged discussions with her about how she could get a promotion, and at one point after asking she was effectively demoted, as she was no longer told to report to a VP, but someone lower than a VP.

Majo eventually filed a gender bias complaint to Sony in 2021, only to then be terminated from the company. The lawsuit alleges that Sony said this was because it was terminating a whole department, but Majo was not a member of said department, making the grounds for termination false.

This comes amid news that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick knew about the sexual misconduct scandal at that company for years, and did nothing about it. Kotick has apparently now said that he may even step down from his position if he cannot improve company culture.




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