PlayStation setting up mobile division with Savage Game Studios acquisition

The studio is working on a “new unannounced Triple-A mobile live service action game”

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that PlayStation has entered into an agreement to acquire mobile developer Savage Game Studios and add it to the newly created PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

Sony announced the acquisition today (August 29), with Savage Game Studios forming in 2020 and being filled with mobile development veterans.

The move looks to be a way for Sony to push further into the mobile gaming space, as the blog post says it will be “providing more ways for more people to engage with our content, and striving to reach new audiences unfamiliar with PlayStation and our games.”


Savage Game Studios will thus be a part of the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will operate separately from the company’s console development and create new experiences based off of PlayStation franchises.

The developer is also working on a “new unannounced Triple-A mobile live service action game,” with nothing else revealed about the project yet.

Savage Game Studios co-founder and CEO Michail Katkoff said: “We made this deal because we believe that PlayStation Studios’ leadership respects our vision for how we can best operate and succeed, and because they too are not afraid to take chances.

“All of that, plus the ability to potentially tap into PlayStation’s amazing catalog of IP and the fact that we will benefit from the kind of support that only they can provide… The harder question to answer would be “why not?””.

PlayStation Studios
PlayStation Studios. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.


This acquisition marks an expansion of the PlayStation ecosystem, as the company has already been expanding outside of its console releases by porting major releases to PC.

It’s likely no coincidence then that Sony recently announced the Backbone One mobile controller, which can grip onto mobile devices for playing games.

In other news, Valve has confirmed that new versions of the Steam Deck’s hardware and software are on the way as part of a “multi-generational product line.”

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