PlayStation survey asks players what types of NFTs they would buy

The survey is from the Evo fighting game tournament

A special survey from PlayStation at fighting game tournament Evo is asking players about the type of NFT they are most interested in.

Evo is taking place between August 5 and 7, and Twitter user Snorlax Ownz shared a survey from PlayStation at the event – as Sony bought Evo last year – saying: “A special PlayStation quest at Evo is asking players about what gaming NFTs they want to see from PlayStation.”

IGN has confirmed the presence of the survey at the event, which comes after the announcement of PlayStation Stars, a rewards program that was promised to “definitely not” be NFTs.


As part of the survey, PlayStation asked users “what do you collect most?” then provided a list with the follow-up question “which of the following NFT/Digital Collectibles would you most be interested in purchasing?” The list is as follows:

  • Evo-branded
  • Favourite music artists
  • Favourite Esports players/teams
  • PlayStation items
  • Favourite Game Characters

The presence of this survey doesn’t confirm or deny that PlayStation is in-fact going into NFTs, but it does seem to indicate that the platform holder is considering it.

PlayStation 5 and Dualsense Controller
PlayStation 5. Credit: Sony

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, then tweeted about how this isn’t actually related to the rewards program: “This isn’t related to PlayStation Stars in this case, digital collectables is just a term that is used interchangeably with NFTs.”

On the topic of NFTs, developers have alleged that GameStop has been selling indie NFTs without consent. Someone on the company’s marketplace has apparently been selling HTML 5 games they did not make, and don’t have the permission to sell.


In other news, a court case around Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been thrown out as the court ruled that the plaintiff clearly never even played the game to base its claims off of.

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