‘Pokemon Diamond And Pearl’ rumoured for a February Switch reveal

Nintendo are expected to make the announcement soon

A Nintendo Switch remake of Pokemon Diamond And Pearl is rumoured for announcement in February according to Pokemon Centre.

The 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise falls in 2021, and rumours have persisted for months about the release of a remake of Diamond And Pearl. According to Pokemon Centre, the remakes are slated for an official announcement in February, with the game releasing around November of this year.

There are always a great deal of rumours circling the franchise, but this specific release is now compounded by several sources. A Nintendo Direct has also been speculated for February 27, which means this could be the day Pokemon Diamond And Pearl gets an official announcement.


French leaker Kelios tweeted earlier in the year that the games would receive a full remaster. Although there was no official response, the claims were enough to excite fans on the social media site. This series of tweets was the origin of the November release date.

The Pokemon Centre report states that the game may feature more traditional capture mechanics over the newer Pokemon Go style version. Diamond And Pearl, the fourth game in the series, will also be the fourth to get a remake – with Red And Blue, Gold And Silver, and Sapphire And Ruby all receiving the remake treatment.

Elsewhere in Pokemon news, a Sword And Shield player recently found an incredibly rare Shiny with perfect stats. Reddit user Scorbunny posted a photo of her Shiny Oranguru, having worked out the odds at one in 96100. All stats were ranked as ‘best’, coming in at a level 65 from capture.

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