‘Pokémon’ director wants to create titles that “gamers desire”

Ohmori adds that the series will evolve as new ways to play, technology, and staff arrive

In an article on the Game Freak website, the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield Shigeru Ohmori has talked about how he wants to develop the games going forward. 

Ohmori’s statement can be found here (via a translation from Nintendo Everything), as a part of the recruitment section of the developers website. There’s a large emphasis on continual change in both the Pokémon franchise itself, and in the team that creates the games, with Ohmori talking about the titles he wishes to create:

“Even after 20 years, the Pokémon franchise is still going strong. Ohmori says that even if he thinks that the game is perfect, there are always new ideas after the project is over. He added that Pokémon will continue to change with new technology, new development teams and with new ways of playing games. Ohmori wants to create Pokémon games that gamers desire, and give the feeling that Pokémon exists and lives with us,” says the post of statements from Ohmori.


Pokemon Slowbro
Pokemon Sword and Shield. Credit: Game Freak

The recruitment page also contains words from Sword and Shield planning director Kazumasa Iwao, who led the project with Ohmori.

“It might be surprising to hear that every Pokémon title is made in an entirely different way. Team members try not to rely on experience, and enjoy tackling the new challenge given to them. Iwao emphasized that no matter the work, if you do it long enough it will eventually become tedious.

“With Game Freak however, there are always new opportunities and positions, and being able to join in gear projects means it never gets repetitive and never gets boring. With the vast amount of experience spanning over 20 years, a unique system that allows youths to experience failure and success and a company continuing to change generations, Pokémon will continue to evolve.”

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s development is also the focus of the piece as well, alongside talk of young developers at Game Freak and what they bring to the series.


In other news, according to Sega, the Yakuza series has sold around 2.8million copies on PC since it launched on the platform a few years ago.

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