‘Pokémon Go’ bug turns newly released Pokémon invisible

Skrelpo and Clauncher cannot be seen

Pokémon Go bug has made newly released creatures invisible to players.

The latest event, Rival’s Week, began this morning (April 13) at 10am and will run to 8pm April 18 and introduced new Pokémon Skrelpo and Clauncher to the wild, raids, and also via Field Research Encounters.

Despite the update, players have reported that they cannot see the new Pokémon in certain versions of the app. The monsters are still technically on the map, but the models are not loading, which means players using Pokémon Go Plus or Gotcha devices can still catch them, but others cannot.


Niantic have responded to fans via twitter, advising that those experiencing the bug update their game to the most recent version. According to many players responding to the tweet, updating to the latest version of the game affects the game in other ways, including preventing Team Rocket Go trainers from appearing.

Twitter user ‘ThatHollowGuy’ writes “people have been /AVOIDING/ the latest update because it bakes Rocket battles and makes pokeball spinning severely lag on iOS devices” whilst KenzieGames writes “Any update on the Team Go Rocket grunts/ Was hoping to level up this week but can’t”.

In other responses to the tweet, players have been listing the issues they are experiencing. Zachary T. Carter writes “so what about the XP issues with friendship” and “no notification with lucky eggs on”.


Earlier in the year, Niantic confirmed that Pokémon Go would be testing a new system in which the content of Eggs might be shown to users before they hatch, in response to feedback from fans that claimed hatch rates were far too low.

Niantic also recently announced a new partnership with Nintendo, which will see them creating a new range of augmented reality mobile games based on Nintendo franchises, with a Pikmin game slated for release at some point in 2021.