‘Pokémon Go’ celebrates Bidoof Day with first branching questline

Gotta catch one or the other

After announcing that today (July 1) would be celebrated as Bidoof Day, Niantic has added the first chance for players to choose different outcomes for Special Research quests in Pokémon Go.

The Special Research quest – available today only – allows players to choose between two options – “Bidoof!” or “Bidoof…?”. Both choices will give players different objectives to complete and will reward players with their very own Bidoof Pokémon.

After completing whichever path is chosen  – both of which involve a host of Bidoof related tasks – players will receive slightly varying rewards based on their choices. No matter which path is selected, all players will receive a Bidoof encounter and a cosmetic Bidoof Hat.


On the announcement page, the storyline is described as “the first Special Research in which you’ll make choices that’ll affect the research’s story and some parts of your event experience!”

As reported by EuroGamer, the ability for players to choose different paths and storyline endings will be used again in July’s Go Fest 2021. The event will include a celebration of Pokémon Go‘s five year anniversary between July 6 and July 15.

Other ongoing events – running today (July 1) only – celebrate the popular beaver-like Pokémon. Players can also participate in the Bidoof Cup, a tournament where trainers can only use a team of Bidoof Pokémon to compete.

Trainers will also notice that Bidoof is “appearing in the wild at an incredibly high rate” and is currently the only Pokémon that can be challenged in one to five star Raid Battles.

While this is ongoing, Mega Raids will not be available – although Pokémon trainers can currently receive 4x the usual XP for catching Pokémon instead.


In other news, ex Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata has revealed new titles for JP Games, his new studio that is currently working on two “large-scale titles”.