‘Pokémon GO’ gameplay might be getting changed again

Niantic will "continue to monitor health and safety guidance related to outdoor activities"

Pokémon GO‘s pandemic gameplay could be changed again following concerns raised by players.

Last month, Niantic announced that it would be rolling back the gameplay changes it made to Pokémon GO due to the COVID-19 pandemic in select regions. Today (August 3) the update was applied in the US and New Zealand. However, players have since expressed concern.

While Niantic is offering in-game items and bonuses to encourage players to play outside again, the developer also wants to decrease the distance from which players can interact with Gyms and Pokéstops to its pre-pandemic radius. With these ranges back to normal, players are finding it difficult to play in the same way.


As spotted by GamesRadar, numerous players are stating their concerns for safety, while one player and Reddit user called out the locations that they used to be able to reach without leaving their apartment.

“I know it doesn’t seem like a massive deal but with these changes rolling out a lot of people will be in the same boat,” said user HorseOnSauce. “Generally, this just makes the game worse, who is benefiting from the range being reverted?”

They continued saying that the changes “will be a pain for people with disabilities or for players in countries with ongoing Covid restrictions.”

In a new statement to GamesRadar, Niantic has said it will “continue to monitor health and safety guidance related to outdoor activities” in response to player concerns.

In other news, Pokémon GO has earned more than £3.6billion ($5billion USD) in revenue since originally launching in the summer of 2016.

The United States is reportedly the No. 1 revenue generator for Pokémon GO, making £1.3billion $1.9billion or 36.6 per cent of its lifetime player spending in the country, while Japan ranks in No.2 with “32 per cent” and Germany at “5.4 per cent”.


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