‘Pokémon Go’ has a new anti-cheat system

Niantic will be taking action on accounts previously found cheating, too

Pokémon Go faces a problem of hackers and cheaters that dampen the experience for other players from time to time, which the community has been very vocal on for quite some time.

Niantic did approach the issue of cheating in Pokémon Go before, but the system implemented ended up banning innocent players and was rolled back. Now, Niantic has revealed a new anti-cheat system for Pokémon Go which is quicker to apply sanctions to accounts found hacking and more accurate in detecting those breaking the rules of the mobile game.

The new system has been in development since 2021 and emphasises cheat detection, fraud prevention and observability. This will help Niantic to safely and quickly find hacking users without disrupting the rest of the community or the experience of players.


Pokémon Go. Credit: Niantic/ The Pokémon Company

The Niantic Players’ Guidelines on cheating and in-game conduct state:

  • Players cannot share accounts with their friends
  • Players cannot buy, sell or trade accounts
  • Players can only create one account and multiple accounts are prohibited
  • Players cannot use third-party applications or tools to spoof their location
  • Players should not intentionally exploit bugs to gain more in-game rewards
  • Players should not buy or sell in-game currently or resources on third-party platforms
  • Players should not use unauthorised or modified software
  • Players should not abuse the refund policy

Alongside this, Niantic will use the same anti-cheat system for all of its games for faster and more efficient working. The most important thing this allows is spontaneous detection of cheaters and hacking, rather than rolling it out in ‘waves’ as they had done previously.

In other news, a host of gaming and entertainment companies have spoken out in support of reproductive freedom, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade yesterday (June 24).


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