‘Pokémon Go’ pauses trading to fix serious bug

That was lucky

Trading has been disabled in Pokémon Go for all players due to a bug that was discovered last night, January 19.

Reddit user AndKrem posted an image on the number one Pokémon Go subreddit, The Silph Road, showing that they had traded 100 Pokémon with a friend, all of which had a Lucky status, as spotted by Eurogamer. For context, Lucky Pokémon have a higher base stat tier, making them easier to power up.

Roughly an hour after the post went up, the Niantic Support Twitter account announced that trading would be suspended. “Trainers, trading is currently unavailable as we investigate an issue,” reads the tweet. “We apologize for the inconvenience, and will continue to update here. Thank you for your patience.” Niantic has not put out an update regarding the situation.

Today I traded 100 Pokémon with a friend and they ALL turned lucky. from TheSilphRoad


What likely happened is that AndKrem was trading Pokémon with a Lucky Friend. A Lucky Friend is a player that has a temporary status that guarantees the next Pokémon they trade is Lucky. You usually get this status from normal in-game actions, and it should go away after the one trade. In this case, AndKrem managed to trade 100 Pokémon before trading was disabled.

Last month, Pokémon Go laid out a roadmap for events taking place this month. A five-star raid for Regice is up next, with players getting the chance to catch the creature Monday, 24 next week. And a mega raid for Aerodactyl is still running until February 1. Pikachu clone Minun will also be getting a spotlight next Tuesday, 26, where from 6pm to 7pm local time, you’ll have a more substantial chance of running into one, alongside a transfer candy.

In other news, earlier today, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally got a release date of April, 2022. But a new report also detailed how much of its development led to a strong crunch culture at TT Games.