Gotta brush ’em all: ‘Pokémon Smile’ uses augmented reality to get kids to practise dental hygiene

Defeat bacteria and unlock Pokémon in this new mobile game

Pokémon Smile is a mobile game that will motivate children to brush their teeth through gaming.

The reveal was made during today’s (June 17) Pokémon Presents stream by The Pokémon Company and is out now for iOS and Android devices.

The game uses the smart device camera to monitor brushing habits. Players will have to brush their teeth to defeat bacteria on the screen and cause Pokémon to appear. If players brush their teeth well, they will be able to capture over 100 available Pokémon.


The aim of Pokémon Smile is to encourage children to return to brush their teeth and capture more Pokémon each time. Players will also unlock rewards in the form of Pokémon Caps in which they can decorate themselves in an assortment of Pokémon outfits on the screen, similar to Snapchat filters.

Pokémon Smile will also provide tips on how children can improve their teeth brushing routine and timers can be set to ensure a regular schedule.

You can check out the reveal trailer below.

Pokémon Smile is one of many announcements made during the presentation including the announcement of New Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch, which is inspired by the original Nintendo 64 version.

A new free-to-play game known as Pokémon Café Mix is coming to Nintendo Switch and will allow players to complete puzzles, recruit Pokémon and build up their own café. No release date was announced.


The ending of the presentation stated that another stream would be coming on June 24 to reveal details of a “big project” that the company is working on. No further details were provided.

Pokémon Smile is out now for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded here.

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